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Oliver Pourquie, Investigator, Stowers Institute for Medical Research

There are many exciting careers in Biology.

The study of biology can lead to many rewarding careers like botanists, zoologists, aquatic scientists, medical scientists, technologists, and technicians, and educators.  Some pursue careers in agriculture, environmental studies, information systems, writing, illustration, photography, forensic science, and new fields that emerge!

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Interdepence of Life--every species is linked, directly or indirectly, with others in an ecosystem.  Plants provide food, shelter, and nesting sites for other organisms.  Some plants depend on animals for help in reproduction such as a bird digesting and passing a seed or a bee pollinating a flower.


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teens experiencing science with mentorsScience Jobs for Teens in Greater Kansas City – No experience? No problem! Want to put your interest in science to work and maybe even get paid for it? Check out LaunchPad, a Web portal that connects high school students to real science, technology, engineering and math jobs and job shadowing opportunities in the Greater Kansas City area. Get started today at


career iconThe Sloan Career Cornerstone Center has gobs of info on careers in science, technology, engineering, math, medicine and computing.

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How do plant and animal cells differ?

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Draw a diagram of a plant or animal cell.  Or better yet, build a cell from household items like an old shoebox, construction paper, and whatever you can find!  Then, send us a picture of your work and we'll post it online.

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