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About KC Science INC

In a Nutshell

KC Science, INC, is a partnership of  KCPT Public Television, Johnson County Library, Science City at Union Station, Pathfinder Science, Science Pioneers, Linda Hall Library, Wonderscope, YouthFriends, The Kansas City Zoo, and the Astronomical Society of Kansas City, focused on promoting science-related events, encouraging interest in science, advocating for science-based careers and inspiring natural curiosity throughout the community.


*founding partners that submitted the original IMLS/CPB grant

Future Plans

The first year of Science, INC, will serve as a pilot for the partnership. As the collaborating organizations develop the partnership and expand it to encompass other libraries, museums, schools, community stakeholders, and science-based organizations throughout the Kansas City metro area, they will endeavor to reveal the vital role of science in our community, foster an appreciation of science, and encourage the exploration of the natural world. 


Contact KC Science, INC
Erica Reynolds, Project Director
E-mail or call (913) 826-4600.


Historically, public television stations, museums, and libraries have successfully developed programs and community initiatives to enhance the public’s appreciation of the arts. In a similar vein, the partnering organizations endeavor to enhance the community’s appreciation of science. In order to accomplish this goal, they will build and promote Science, INC: a community partnership encouraging science appreciation by developing, coordinating, and cross-promoting science-related events, programs, and resources for all ages.

The Science, INC partnership has received funding from the Partnership for Learners: a cooperative federal funding opportunity sponsored by the Institute for Museum and Library Services and the Corporation for Public Broadcasting. The grant will officially start on November 1, 2006, and end on April 30, 2008. The majority of partnership activities will launch in 2007 with a year of science-based community programs and cross-promotional marketing among the partner organizations.

The partnership will address the following three community needs:

  • Lack of community awareness of and coordination between area science initiatives and programs.
  • Lack of awareness of, understanding of, and interest in science-related careers in a time where we urgently need more students preparing for science-based careers.
  • Low overall scientific literacy and understanding of local science-related issues in a time where science and science education is very much a part of the news, public policy, and local politics. Moreover, there is a documented need for reliable sources for science-related information.

In 2007, the partnership will focus on the following program components:

  • Build and promote Science, INC: a community partnership of stakeholders based on science appreciation.
  • Develop a coordinated public awareness campaign to cross-promote science-related community programs and events.
  • Provide four Family Science City Night community events, opening up Science City to the public for free and featuring local science initiatives, careers, and industries, as well as free access to the many hands-on science exhibits.
  • Develop School Family Science Night Kits to sell for supply costs ($25 each) to teachers, parents, and PTAs to encourage them to present hands-on Family Science Nights at schools in their communities.
  • Broadcast four national PBS programs on science-related topics. Integrated with each broadcast would be a facilitated, televised community discussion as well as local discussions held at area libraries. The partners will develop paper and Web-based discussion guides and bibliographies of additional resources to accompany the discussions.
  • Develop 10 1-2 minute interstitial television spots focusing on local science issues and careers to be televised on KCPT throughout 2007.
  • Develop and promote the Science, INC Web site that features amateur science, science careers, and promotes local science events and partnership programs.
  • Develop library programs, book discussions, and storytimes in collaboration with KCPT programming, Pathfinder Science data projects, Science City Exhibits, and Science Pioneers events.
  • Feature amateur science activities in the community through library events, displays, and the Science, INC Web site.
  • Heavily promote the Science Pioneers’ Saturday Science Seminars and similar community events as resources to learn more about science careers.

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